How this new book came about


The first thing to make clear is that although I have written some of this book, it is a minority only, the whole thing being a team effort by some of the trustees of the Registered Charity (No. 1174592) the Charles Rolls Heritage Trust (CRHT).


Owing to the virus pandemic, it was necessary in 2020 to cancel the usual July event to commemorate Rolls and celebrate the 1910 Bournemouth International Aviation Meeting. The Trust decided instead to publish a book to be available in November as an alternative. A huge amount of work was entailed in doing this, not least the pre-printing preparation eventually enabling it to be sent to the printer as one pdf file for the text and another for the cover.

Contents and cover


Having determined to make this book different from Charles Rolls and the First Bournemouth Air Show, it was decided to concentrate more on the Meeting and place 1910 in the context of the development of early aviation. It was a time of exploration, danger, record-breaking and technical progress. For example, there are brief biographies of seven of the fliers at the Meeting apart from Rolls and a review of aviation in the twentieth century. Here is the book cover:



Flyer used at time of publication


The advertising flyer is included here because it is a good summary reflecting the contents, but of course the only real way to find that out is to read the book!





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