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Coastal Protection for Bournemouth

Gazing out to sea, and realising that two thirds of the planet is covered in water, is a humbling experience.


But it is good to know that sea level rise is limited to only about six inches a century and there is no evidence of increased storminess.


Barring an extreme climatic event, which is always possible and happened in the 1703 Great Storm for example, normal coastal maintenance (groynes, beach replenishment etc.) is likely to be adequate protection for Bournemouth. 

Christchurch 1951

This aerial shot reveals three particular points of interest: 


FIRST to build the castle, the Normans realigned the original normal crossroads so that Wick Lane is offset from Castle street,


SECOND the bus turntable was still in use rear of Wick Lane and Church Street,


THIRD the most attractive and historic Square House (on Wick Lane corner which is now the location of Pizza Express etc.) had yet to be demolished.

Demonstration at Battle of Mudeford 1784      Re-enactment

On 30 October 2016, as part of the re-enactment, the Deeds of Arms Naval Gunnery Display took place at Mudeford Quay. 


The original battle was a fierce one with a popular Navy man killed. The smugglers successfully distributed the contraband but left a crew list on board their abandoned ship. This oversight enabled the court case resulting in one of them being hanged, although he was not the one who fired the fatal shot.

Introducing some key elements of Hengistbury Head

Although it is a tremendously fascinating and detailed subject, I think it should be possible to give a reasonable introduction to some of the more intriguing features of the headland.













In my second talk about the headland since the reprint this year, I shall have more time than was possible at Christchurch Library to run through the 84 slides and answer questions.


Although signed copies of the book will be available for anyone interested, mainly, I hope it will simply be a fascinating event to all those attending.





For anyone interested in attending, it is easy to park in the locality and walk through the gate to the school playing field as marked on the map.


There will be some beautiful Rolls-Royce cars on display.


There is no charge for this event although any donations always welcome and you could be interested in the books and DVDs for sale in the gazebo by the plaque before the Mayor's arrival at 12.30 pm.


I can certainly recommend the talk later by CRMT Chair Steve Robson.

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