I hope that this site will be attractive to visitors who may be intrigued by both Brexit and matters of more local interest.


The outcome, of the UK Referendum 2016, has been a hugely controversial event which has created all sorts of reactions. The idea behind my new book is to provide a balanced review of how and why the country voted in this way. 


For some years, local interest has been a passion of mine, especially those things which are less well-known and sometimes off-kilter. For example, in Bournemouth Curiosities a Labrador was personally responsible for the draining and landscaping of a large unsafe pond - how can that be?! More conventional material covers the Priory Church in Christchurch and in the Hengistbury book, the serious issue of coastal erosion. 


One very different book is about my parents' experience in the Blitz together with an outline of the historical background and the politics of the time. It is always sobering to think that but for a land mine parachute being shot away and its power directed more at the ground and less at the houses, I would not be here today. 


Finally, I have included the purpose of the Charles Rolls Memorial Trust, i.e. to advance education about the first British International Aviation Meeting in 1910, and also about Charles Rolls who sadly died when his plane crashed at the Hengistbury Head aerodrome in Bournemouth. Without Rolls, there would have been no Rolls-Royce and without that company no Merlin engine to power the Spitfires and Hurricanes which won the Battle of Britain. 

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